Experience gathered over the years has allowed us to provide to our clients always original and made to measure solutions, caring even about the smallest motivation details, team building, and outdoor training, for both the contents and the organizational aspect.

Activities offered by the Agency vary from time to time and is specific for the goal and the participants, which need to be effectively involved in the activity and the predefined location. We are as well capable of taking care of a project which originates from a companies’ idea and put it into concrete form.

Team-building: aim

To go through and experience/game in a team has an aggregate function, and facilitates the dynamics of a group in a context outside of the company, in this way it is possible to let the workers learn how decisive collaboration with the person working with us can be. Strategy, adrenaline, complicity, cunningness and intelligence are the essences that are savored and developed during the experience/game.

Incentives: aim

The incentives are events which are planned and organized in order to create relations, develop a new business, make bond of loyalty with the clients and launch new products or services. We propose market strategies and communication within the company in order to improve interpersonal relationships. The vast choice between show business, sport and culture allows creating events that count on direct or indirect guest involvement and guarantee an emotional feedback.

Our trade is working on perceptions, feelings and emotions.

The project




Number and type of involved persons


Aggregation and integration of the team, team working


The whole year/season




Qualified personnel adjusts the type of incentive and team-building

Video operator, photographer, journalists…

Technical support

Used materials

Material and support adequate for the type of event



We can suggest appropriate locations, outdoor/indoor or search together in the company the most appropriate place; to keep coherent to the form, the locations usually chosen are out of tourist schemes, keeping a close eye on the cost minimization.


In the realization of the team-building event, the communication between agency and the customer company is particularly important. After the first contact has been made, it is necessary to analyze, together with the company, the goal and the objectives to be able to enter the macro planning phase, choosing the experience activities and drafting the budget. After this phase, all the details needed to create the event are considered, after which video and photo reportage is scheduled.




Incentive program and/or team-building

The program is constructed using usual phases of an experience event:

  1. Check-in
  2. Introduction briefing with a presentation of the program
  3. Forming of the teams
  4. Explanation of the route, activity/game and possible difficulties that might present themselves on the way
  5. Handover of uniforms and/or material
  6. Start of operational activity
  7. Plenary debriefing
  8. Prize giving dinner and entertainment. 

Experimenting, knowing each other and meeting, aids in developing and reinforcing the bonds between the persons and the sense of belonging to a team and its values.


  • Team Building & Company Incentives
  • Team Building & Company Incentives
  • Team Building & Company Incentives
  • Team Building & Company Incentives
  • Team Building & Company Incentives