The preparation, the set design and the decorations are important from both technical and aesthetic point of view; and Studio Music Show manages to satisfy both requirements. Special care is given to examining and planning based on the type of the needed event. With the projection of architectural indoor/outdoor lights, we manage to create striking atmosphere, to capture and spread the attention on an important detail, which can be a product, a work of art, a car or other and to give a lot of importance to an architectonic structure. Furthermore, we arrange for an expert in flowers and gardens who, by using decorations, contributes to a refined atmosphere. 


We provide:

Materials for the set design, such as fireproof fabrics of any type, PVC screens

American structures and covers for concerts and events

Modular platforms

Manual and motorized screens

Scene mechanics

Carpets and flooring

Covers of any type

Stellar floors

Panel systems for both backstage and floors

  • Hofburg –Ceremony hall - Vienna (before the setup)
  • Hofburg –Ceremony hall - Vienna (after the setup)
  • Some light effects
  • Flower decorations
  • Particular installations
  • Personalized arrangements